School Rules for the Students

School Rules for the Students

School Rules for the Students



1-Students are not allowed to come after 7:45 am.

1st time… Note.

2nd time... Warning

3rd time… Commitment

2-Students with long hair …..

1st time...Note.

2nd time …. Warning

3rd  time…Commitment

3-Students must put on the school uniform.

1st time...Warning.

2nd time…. Commitment

4-Students must talk to their teachers politely.

1st time….Commitment

2nd time…..parents 'call.

3rd time…. Student will be dismissed                  for 2 days.

5-Students must keep their places clean and tidy.

1st time… Commitment

2nd time….Each student must clean his place.

6-If a student breaks a piece of furniture ……

1st time ….. The parents should be informed to sign a commitment. The student must pay the cost of the repair.

9-Mobiles are prohibited in classes.

1st time ….. Commitment, & inform parents.

2nd time….. Mobiles will be taken.

10-No one is allowed to stay in class during breaks or PE period.

1st time … Warning.

2nd time…. 5 marks will be deducted.


7-There will be a lot of activities, and competitions….

The participants, and winners will be given credits /gifts.

8-Polite, and excellent students who take part in class work, and discussions…….

They will be granted extra credits/gifts.

Concerning Exams

1-Coming to school must be early, on time, according to the exam instructions.

Student who will come 20 minutes late won't be allowed to enter the class.

2- Each student must have all his own materials (pens, pencils, ruler, etc.)

Parents should be informed.

3-Mobiles are prohibited in exam.

All mobiles will be taken.

4-Sick students must bring a medical report the next day to be tested.

No re-test without medical report.

5-Only blue pens are allowed.

No one will be allowed to use other colors.

6-Leaving class will be at the end of the test/exam.

No one will be allowed to leave early.

7-Revision will be daily according to the revision schedule.

Revision is NOT obligatory.

8-It's not allowed to talk with classmates during the test/exam.

In case of talking, the student won't be able to complete his test/exam.