Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Student Enrollment

Applications for enrollment are accepted at any time during the year. In April, all applications are processed according to established priorities. Students who are re-enrolling are given first priority. Others are considered according to priority and space available.


1.   Parents should complete an application/enrollment form.

2.   Application Fees: Non–refundable 1000 Riyals.

3.   Parents should provide legal documentation of age.

4.   Provide legally attested transcripts and records from the last school attended.

5.  Parents should provide a letter of clearance from the previous school.

6.-There will be an admission test for the student to measure his level. If the student is below level, the coordinator starts making a remedial plan for the students according to the points that should be improved.

7-Concerning age: school follows the regulations of MOE.

KG1: must be 3 years old before September 1

KG2: must be 4 years old before September 1

KG3: must be 4 years and nine months old before September 1

G1: must be 5 years and nine months old before September 1


1- All new students in KG – Grade 1 must present a birth certificate, Passport, a copy of Father's Iqama or Saudi national ID, and immunization records.

2- In case of not passing the admission test, there will be an immediate remedial plan for the enrollee by the school.

3- -There will be an interview with both the student & the parents.

Parents of enrollees must:

1.   Sign Permission Forms.

2.   Complete Emergency and Health forms.

3.   Sign Tuition Agreement Form.