Student Council

Student Council

Keeping students in the decision making process ensures that students feel ownership and a connection to the school they attend. Student representatives learn positive communication skills and  represent their fellow students voicing  their concerns and ideas which are addressed at monthly meetings. 

Having a Student Council in both the Middle and the Senior School has been a very interesting experience for everyone and also a great addition to the school’s success. To have the members chosen fair and square, elections take place in three different and essential stages.

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  • Stage I:

    Students who believe they are eligible enough to become part of the Student Council nominate themselves. Each student of every class gets the chance to vote for two nominees from between their classmates. A list of the nominees is immediately made and each student independently writes her choices of the nominees in ballots. The nominees also gets the chance to vote for any two nominees, excluding themselves. The ballots are counted with the Heads of  Schools, and two students from each class are announced winners.

At the end of the first stage elections, students who clear Stage One move on to the next stage.

  • Stage II:

    Between the first stage and the second,  nominees are given a  chance to start campaigns,where they persuade and attempt to convince their peers to cast their votes in their favour. The nominees design signs, pass around some miniature gifts and treats to win more votes. Moreover, they  prepare a speech to be delivered on the Election Day. The speech includes the student’s name and class, and a brief explanation of why he/she believes he/she is eligible to become a student council member, what he/she will be able to do as members, and how he/she will be able to help make regular school days more interesting for all students. Each student –except for the nominees themselves- vote for their chosen nominees . The votes are officially counted bya team of members and the winners are announced the following week.

These winners are then declared as the official members of the Student Council.

  • Stage III:

    These elections take place to select the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Student Council. The core committee consisting of proficient teachers then unanimously decide which member should be delegated with the various positions based on the understanding of personality of the members.

A student council logo and name tags for each of the members is designed , which includes the student’s name and personal picture, along with the Student Council’s logo. Several meetings are conducted during which  the members  compile their ideas for events and suggest them to be put into action. The Student Council plans as many events as possible during the  school year, so that this successful and beneficial ritual may continue in the many prosperous years to come.